John R. Sippy


OneMain Financial

Senior UI Engineer
from 10/2020 to 9/2022

  • Participated as a lead member of the Front-end Engineering Guild, guiding the company in the selection and implementation of standards and practices such as but not limited to: Web component development with StencilJS, CSS development with Tailwind, Web application development with Angular 11, and Linting of HTML, Javascript and Typescript with ESLint and Angular ESLint.
  • Worked on the “Comms” team as a lead engineer, responsible for the startup of the company’s new Angular front-end, web applications and component generation with the React-based Stencil.js compiler.
  • Worked closely with the quality assurance team to convert to using Cypress for the companyʼs End To End testing framework.
  • Worked on the “Acquisitions” team to maintain and improve the existing Angular web application which handled the display of all of the companyʼs physical and virtual branches, getting itʼs data asynchronously from the Contentful CMS.
  • Worked on the front-end Ruby on Rails application with the Acquisition team to provide features such as but not limited to: Converted the loan application process from a single-page to a guided “wizard”, updated the UI to align with the latest look from the Design team, and updated the front-end to adhere with the latest business and legal requirements using SLIM, SCSS and jQuery.

AVIA Health Innovation
(Chicago, IL)

Senior Software Engineer
from 10/2016 to 8/2020

  • Built full-stack AVIA Connect application for provider healthcare market in Typescript and Javascript, launching to 20 users and growing to 5000 users in just over one year.
  • Collaborated for six months, on a full rewrite of the application using React / Next.js and GraphQL.
  • Designed and documented development standards for the AVIA Connect application, used by a team of ten on-site and eight off-shore developers.
  • Developed database schema in MySQL, which scaled to meet a 250% growth in just over one year.
  • Worked closely with quality assurance to establish both automated tests and a manual test-plan that all team members followed prior to deploying a release candidate.
  • Led interviewing/hiring of all team-members and mentoring of junior developers, building out a highly skilled team of eleven.

(Chicago, IL)

Freelance Web-Application Developer
from 4/2016 to 10/2016

  • Rewrote the website in Angular 2 and SCSS with a PHP/MySQL backend.
  • Created a website boiler-plate and administration system using MongoDB, Angular and SCSS for a video editing start-up company.
  • Built a sales and marketing platform and itʼs admin pages using MySQL, Angular 2 and SCSS for a heating and air-conditioning company.

Valence Health
(Chicago, IL)

SSIS / ETl Developer
from 5/2015 to 4/2016

  • Wrote software for the purpose of migrating, integrating, and warehousing of data from applications within the organization as well as external sources.
  • Assisted in advancing technical best practices for data movement, data quality and data cleansing for the Health Plan Services (HPS) team resulting in significantly reduced outbound data errors.
  • Participated in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle for the HPS team, improving efficiency and quality of software products.
  • Provided technical knowledge of data Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solutions to the HPS team.
  • Advanced the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) based database modeling practices of the HPS team, resulting in more efficient data warehousing and faster data access times.
  • Performed design and code reviews for the HPS team's developers, instilling a higher level of confidence in them and resulting in significantly less reworking of code after submission to User Acceptance Testing personnel.
  • Directed Unit Testing and Data Integration Testing efforts and assisted with User Acceptance Testing for the HPS team.

Orbitz Worldwide
(Chicago, IL)

Senior UI Engineer
from 5/2014 to 4/2015

  • Developed and maintained features and components for the Orbitz (and subsidiary brands') web-application using technologies such as Mustache, JSP, AMD-compliant JavaScript, Grunt, NodeJS, NPM, Angular and BackboneJS.
  • Performed code reviews for other Orbitz web-application feature teams.
  • Served as a content-owner and committer of the Orbitz brand token and localization system.
  • Mentored junior-level user interface engineers in coding standards, best practices and overall UX/UI concepts.
  • Co-Chaired the Vagrant/VirtualBox Community of Practice meetings which provided technical assistance for developers utilizing virtual workstations based upon those technologies.

Gyro:HSR / Gyro
(Chicago, IL)

Web Applications Developer
from 1/2011 to 5/2014

  • Advised the company on time-estimates and best practices for digital media.
  • Setup and maintained the company's Subversion source control server.
  • Instructed the digital media staff members on the use and best practices of source control.
  • Developed standards-compliant, responsive, web pages using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & jQuery.
  • Developed and maintained a standardized ActionScript3 class library to reduce the amount of repetitive coding performed on Flash projects.
  • Created Flash/ActionScript3, class-driven internet applications and banner ads Performed code reviews for the Chicago, Cincinnati and Denver offices.
  • Wrote server & client side scripts to streamline publishing of files on a variety of server and workstation platforms.
  • Conducted training for client's IT & development staff at time of project completion.
  • Achieved the following awards: - 2012 Gold BMA Tower Awards in: Mixed Media, Interactive Media, Point of Purchase/Trade Show Exhibit - 2012 Gold Chicago Addy Awards in: Mixed Media, Interactive Media, Point of Purchase/Trade Show Exhibit - 2012 Silver Chicago Addy Awards in: Interactive Media (Micro or Mini Site).

Panoptic Studios
(Wauconda, IL)

Director of Interactive Media
from 4/2010 to 12/2010

  • Served as the liaison between the company's clients and technical, art and sales staff.
  • Managed the company's staff web designers and developers.
  • Managed all third-party and offshore web and interactive work.
  • Advised the Production Manager and CEO on current and emerging web/ interactive technologies, and how to best leverage those technologies.
  • Developed Flash and web projects for clients using PHP, SQL, JavaScript/jQuery, and Flash/ActionScript3.

DreamCity Studios
(Chicago, IL)

Founder & CTO
from 7/2009 to Present

  • Continuously upgrading and rewriting the website using modern technologies such as: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, SCSS, Angular2, NodeJS, GraphQL, React, Tailwind and Next.js
  • Provided audio engineering services for various entities around Chicago, including but not limited to: Smartbar, Logan Square Auditorium, Jasmin Jahal School of Dance, Blue Lotus Tribe dance troupe, Critical Sound Engineering LLC (Lynn Jordan and the Shivers, Indigo, the Ken Arlen Orchestra), and The Lavender Cabaret.
  • Created the initial website in 2009 as Full-Browser Flash. This included performing all of the development work (ActionScript 3) and graphics that made up the site.